Zachary Bright

The Wonder of it All

Forgetting What Is Most Important

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Remember, even your ability to think the thoughts you have right now, feel what you feel right now and use the body that you are in right now come from God. “O generous and gracious God let us remember You and be thankful while we go about what You have given us to do today. May we remember the branch we are sitting on! Amen.”

Just saying…

Author: Zachary Bright

Until February 2014, I was pastor of Divine Savior Presbyterian Church for about 24 years. I am interested in theology, alternative music, new worship music, culture making, philosophy and dogs. Most of all I am interested in extending the Kingdom of God and its blessings to everyone around me. I am the Director of the Southern CA. C.S. Lewis Society and I am a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and Fuller Theological Seminary. My wife Terry, my dog Jack Lewis and I host a Bible Study in our home on Sunday afternoons.

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